MAVECON International plc. is an innovative boutique consultancy skilled in providing unmatched expert advice, based on disruptive, scalable methodologies which go beyond just coaching and business consulting services. We help companies of all sizes and industry sectors to see new forms of opportunities. We re-design expansion plans for emerging markets; MAVECON has particular experience in the fast moving high technology sectors, innovative products and service areas, to establish profitable, innovative business models.

Our aim is to enable our clients to expand operations, gain market presence, reducing risk and accelerating sales quota rapidly in national and international markets.

MAVECON is especially dedicated building the pipeline of investable women-led entrepreneurs in Africa. Integrating women into Africa’s innovation story will require the development of a critical mass of women-led enterprises which are equipped with knowledge, capability and tools to build and scale the solutions which are going to transform the future of African societies. By focusing on circular economy and sustainable agriculture and renewable energy; MAVECON is investing in the women-led enterprises that will feed, power and connect Africa. We are the springboard for Africa’s leapfrog.

Our Impact Measurement

Our commitment to the investor is to measure and report the social and environmental performance and progress of underlying investments in correspondence to Gender equality. Ensuring transparency and accountability while informing the practice of impact investing and infusing gender equity.

MAVECON  assists Impact Investors in:

  • Establishing and stating social and environmental objectives to relevant stakeholders
  • Setting performance metrics/targets related to gender equality using standardized metrics wherever possible
  • Monitoring and managing the performance of investees with a gender-lens
  • Reporting on social and environmental performance to relevant stakeholders.


Studies report that Africa has the highest rate of women entrepreneurs in the world at 27%. While most of these are small businesses, it seems there is a bottleneck when it comes to the scaling of said enterprises as the growth rates for these businesses leave much to be desired. By using sustainable business models and institutional pairing, MAVECON is equipping and building the pipeline of women led entrepreneurs in Africa for venture capitalists, impact investors and accelerators. Our point of intervention meets women entrepreneurs at a stage where they have the most difficulty in passing the threshold of growth.

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